About Pockets

RVE's Trophy Doll

Hi. I’m Pockets. I’m a dancing trophy doll that stands as a bright sign of peer appreciation. I am given to the person in the office who did a great job at something the previous week. My deskmate for the week decorates me with fun accessories and displays me on their desk so I can watch over them. I’m full of good mojo. 😉 At the end of the week, I am passed along to the next lucky person. – Pockets

A message from Red Velvet Events:

Pockets is a part of our culture. Pockets is RVE.

Pockets is our dancing trophy troll. Each Monday during the Red Velvet Events staff meeting, whoever currently has Pockets on his/her desk will choose the successor within the team based on who has been the best team player or their most recent accomplishments. The recipient adorns Pockets with a new accessory, then passes it on at the next staff meeting. Pockets promotes a continuous cycle of employee-to-employee appreciation and good vibes.

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January's Challenge

  1. Personalize your Pockets by giving it a first name and filling out the birth certificate on the back of the challenge card.
  2. Use the scissors and marker provided in your package to make your Pockets look different than all the rest. Don’t cut its hair too short...there are no guarantees it will grow back.
  3. Introduce your company’s Pockets on social media. Tag photos @PocketsRVE and #PocketsOutParties, and feel free to check out Pockets’ new buddies. Be sure to include Pockets’ first name in the caption of your photo.

January's Challenge Prize

The company with the best Pockets introduction will receive a FREE Happy Hour* for their entire team.

  • Deadline for submissions: January 29 by 5:00pm
  • Winner Announced: February 2

*RVE to provide details to winner

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