Addressing the Tragedy in Las Vegas

October 4, 2017 Cindy's Corner

Our hearts are broken for Las Vegas, and for everyone involved–the victims, their families, the artists and crews at the festival, the first responders, the staff, the concertgoers, and more–we are shattered and thinking of them in this tragic time. So many people will be forever affected by this senseless act of violence carried out by one man. It is up to us to lift the Las Vegas community and the victims of this attack and give them what we can. 
We are still attending IMEX in Las Vegas next week and will continue supporting the city on the ground. We’re looking forward to reuniting with our industry friends, even with this dark cloud hanging over. If you will be at IMEX, we’d love to see you at our Booth #2205. It’s the first booth on the right when you come in. Appointments are required so click here to schedule in advance. We’ll be talking all things Austin.
On a closing note, we cannot let this tragedy fall to the wayside and be added as another byline in the history books. Let’s take action and prevent this from happening again. The time is now. We will be writing our congressmen and urging our government to take measures to ensure our country doesn’t face this again. This cannot be our new normal. Our thoughts and our prayers are with every single person affected by this horrific incident. We are with you.