Outcook. Outeat. Outdrink!

Earlier this year, we challenged ourselves to push our creative boundaries further than ever before for an internal project and marketing effort. But how? We knew that we wanted to echo our culture in whichever creative medium we chose. And after some brainstorming sessions, it hit us: Let’s combine our favorite things: Austin, food and parties.

So we created a cookbook. That’s right—our very own Red Velvet Events cookbook, featuring recipes from our team. Our creative vision resulted in a tangible reflection of our culture in the form of delicious eats and tasty drinks.

We worked on this book for the last six months, creating everything in-house before sending to print. The book layout and overall design, fun hand-drawn illustrations, playful body copy and recipes from home were carefully curated and created, start to finish, by our team. It encapsulates the Red Velvet Events culture in page form.

Now that we’ve finished one cookbook, we’re eager to create another. Whether it’s a cookbook or another kind of illustrated book, it’s a capability that our clients can purchase—and we’d love to showcase our clients’ culture in book form.

Interested? Reach out to Sales@RedVelvetEvents.com for more information.