Meet the Dogs of RVE

August 23, 2017 Austin, Red Velvet Events

You know our team, but do you know the bark behind them? In honor of National Dog Day, we’re introducing you to the fluffiest members of Red Velvet Events. Meet the Dogs of RVE!

Name: Olive Liebeskind
AKA: Olive Bean
Age: 2 years old
Breed: Cattle Dog Mix
Likes: Going on runs with her dad, chewing on bones, snugglin’, sleeping, sighing really loud when her mom talks
Dislikes: Being woken up, staying inside all day, the robot vacuum

Name: Emory Grimes
AKA: Emmy von Dinkus
Age: 9 years old, but doesn’t look a day over 3
Breed: Shiba Inu, better known as Doge
Likes: Sunbathing, splooting, pettins, rubbins, being sassy, eating the wild birds that mom and dad love so much
Dislikes: When people stop petting her, Old Navy flip flops, champagne corks

Name: Sasha SanFilippo
AKA: Cha Cha
Age: 3 years old
Breed: Husky and German Shepherd Mix
Likes: Hugs, sunbathing, the NY Giants, her dog family, torn up tennis balls, crossing her legs, chasing rabbits, Game of Thrones, eating other dogs’ food
Dislikes: Barking, dog clothes, sleeping in one spot for longer than 10 minutes, plastic bags

Name: Blue Olivier
AKA: “Buhhlueeeeeee.” It’s French.
Age: 4 years old
Breed: Boxer Mix
Likes: String cheese, shopping, fine dining, hiking, car rides, following his mom around, cooking, cuddles, and is passionate about dog-voting rights 
Dislikes: Swimming, being away from his mom, doors

Name: Sadie Holmans
AKA: Pig
Age: 1.5 years old
Breed: Little Brown Dog
Likes: Giving kisses, everyone and everything, playing fetch
Dislikes: Being ignored
Rescue Fact: Sadie was found as a puppy, and Christa discovered she had parvo and every type of worm a pup could have. After getting some fluids and medication, Sadie went home with Christa and was cared for around the clock by our animal-loving RVE’er. While it was touch and go for a while, this doggo pulled through and made a miraculous recovery. 13/10, would give all the love pats to Sadie.

Name: Luci Paisley
AKA: “Luci, NO!”
Age: 1.5 years old
Breed: Mix of several shepherd breeds and wild gray wolf
Likes: Chewing on couches, chairs, mattress, blankets, rugs and the siding of her mom’s house; going on hikes; rolling in the water; and lovin’ on everyone
Dislikes: Being home alone (see above: chewing)

Name: Lily Bug Prejean
AKA: Burt
Age: 2 years old
Breed: Border Collie
Likes: Hiking, peanut butter, cuddling in the morning, her pet rocks, Frisbees, pools, being the center of attention
Dislikes: Other dogs, squirrels, garbage trucks, wet grass

Name: Kingston Lo
AKA: Kingston the Kingslayer
Age: 1.5 years old
Breed: German Shepherd 
Likes: Rubber balls, challenging himself to stuff the maximum amount of rubber balls into his mouth, surprising mom when she grabs a ball out of his mouth to have two more fall out
Dislikes: Rain, sitting still

Name: Boone Berent
AKA: Booney Boy
Age: 6 months old
Breed: Catahoula/Australian Shepherd Mix
Likes: Wiggling, hugs, Jo’s Coffee employees, eating sticks, destroying toys, morning snuggles, barking at other dogs while swimming, pickles
Dislikes: Being alone, small dogs, drive-throughs, when people sleep later than 7 a.m.

Name: Zooey Izaguirre
Age: About 9 years old
Breed: Mutt
Likes: Walks, treats, rubs, treats and rubs at the same time, other dogs that don’t always like her, and pizza
Dislikes: Thunder, rain, ceiling fans, curtains, vacuums, shadows, bananas

Names: Tobie and Bear Boykin
AKA: Lil’ Si, but Bear is just Bear
Ages: 12 and 14
Breed: Pomeranian
Tobie Likes: Staring at his mom
Bear Likes: Bob Marley Music, humans with dreads, playing in the sand, chasing the tennis ball
Dislikes: Tobie is not a fan of lettuce, and Bear doesn’t like to be woken up from a nap
Interesting Facts: Tobie is blind in one eye, and Bear is deaf

Name: Sunnie Ranney
AKA: Sunnie Boo
Age: 2 years old
Breed: Bassett Hound/Jack Russell Terrier Mix… maybe
Likes: Cuddling and loving on her humans, belly rubs, squirrels, bananas, chasing her tail
Dislikes: Her crate, not getting attention, other dogs getting attention instead of her

Names: Snickerdoodle and Saffron Gendron
AKA: Doodle and Saffy
Ages: 5 and 6 years old
Breeds: Schnoodle and Boxer/Pug Mix
Snickerdoodle Likes: Humans, Frisbees, popcorn, climbing on furniture like a cat, getting into mischief, trying to take over the world
Saffron Likes: Naps, humans, swimming, inhaling treats without chewing them, sneezing on people
Dislikes: Fireworks, not being the center of attention, inflated balloons