Attitude of Gratitude

July 26, 2017 Red Velvet Events

Last Wednesday, we held our semi-annual company All-Hands meeting. These meetings celebrate and echo our company culture, and evaluate our individual and team goals. They give us the opportunity to get all of our voices in one room to have a shared and spirited discussion. We’re prideful of our company culture, and these meetings are tangible outputs of those ideals.

But what is this company culture that we love so much? Well, one of our main aspects is something we call the attitude of gratitude. Our team appreciates one another, and shows it. We say “thank you,” we say “I appreciate you,” and we say, “you rock.” Showing someone your appreciation is so simple and easy, so why not do it?
We also utilize a program called YouEarnedIt. Basically, it’s a system where team members can send each other points to recognize them for various tasks. Those points can then be ‘cashed in’ for a reward. A quick glance at our company page shows an employee thanking another for coordinating a Segway tour, Cindy recognizing an employee for handling an account well, and an employee giving kudos to another for their accounting work. This program enhances our attitude of gratitude because we’re able to see the tangible rewards our peers get when we give them a sincere “thank you.”

Lastly, and perhaps most important, is a simple rule of thumb for us at Red Velvet Events: have each other’s back. We don’t work unless we work as a team. It’s a pillar of our company culture. So when we need someone to step in onsite, we ask our team. When we need to sit in a conference room and brainstorm the next big thing, we ask our team. When we have questions or need help on tasks, we ask our team. We can rely on each other because we know we have each other’s backs, and that all goes back to our attitude of gratitude.

How do you drive your company culture home? Share it with us in the comments below.