National Selfie Day

Photos at an event are a staple, but a traditional photographer may not be the best possible option for your group. In honor of today’s “holiday,” National Selfie Day, we’ve put together a list of the latest and greatest in photo activations:

Gif-Style Swing Booth

In this unique photo booth, guests sit in a swings in front of a detailed wall. The photos are taken as the guests swing, and then transformed into a gif that is easily posted to social media. We love this style photo booth because it’s so customizable for events. The wall is up to the planner’s discretion and can be branded, or full of flowers, or a banana wallpaper; and the gif is a perfect addition to an Instagram feed.

Magic Mirror Photo Booth

We experienced this photo booth at an ILEA Happy Hour a few months ago, and have been obsessed ever since! Guests gather in front of a large mirror with a light ring and camera on top. The mirror itself is touch-screen, and guests use it to begin the photoshoot. After photos are taken, guests can draw directly on the mirror with their fingers and add their own personal flair to the photos. We love any interactive photo booth, especially this Magic Mirror.

Walk-In Photo Booth

These photo booths have been gaining popularity over the last year, and we only see growth in their future. For this experience, guests walk into an oversized prop with a clear front, and photos can be taken of them from the outside. It looks as if guests are inside a snow globe—or whatever the fun prop is—and creates a photo memory that people will not soon forget. And by the way, these are brandable. Win-win!

Video Booth

Replace flat photos and singular backdrops with a videographer and a 3-sided booth, and you have photo activation’s next big thing: a video booth. This type of activation was featured at last night’s ILEA Austin Gala with a fun house theme. Basically, the camera man takes a few short clips of the subjects moving, and then incorporates those clips into pre-curated content that matches the theme. This type of booth is fun, different, and a guaranteed way for an event to stand out. We love it! You can see our experience with this type of booth here on our Instagram.

These photo activation trends are just a few of our recent favorites, but there are always more to discover. What are some unique photo booths you have experienced? Let us know in the comments below.