April Fool’s!

April 1, 2017 RVE Design Board

Did we get you with that last post? April Fool, y’all! We do have some pretty great benefits, though.

We get into the office between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m., and if we aren’t, we have an online system allowing us to see who is out and when. At the one year mark, an RVEer does receive a red diamond celebrating the milestone, it’s just not a real diamond. And the luxury cars as an anniversary gift has been a running joke in our office!

While we don’t have Veuve Cliquot on tap, we break it open every once in a while when we are celebrating something big—like the new office space we purchased for our forever home! Our lunches aren’t always hosted, but we do have a stocked kitchen full of healthy snacks to nibble on; and although we don’t get Tiff’s Treats every day, it does make its way into our office more frequently than we care to admit from our incredibly thoughtful partners, vendors and clients (and our hips and thighs remind us). And a massage therapist does not come in weekly, but our Operations team did surprise all of us a couple weeks ago by bringing one in!

We do not give everyone red iPhones but we do encourage email to be hooked up to our employees’ phones of choice because we do utilize email often. We also live in Excel! It’s such an important program for us because we understand and stick to clients’ budgets.

In addition to the benefits listed above, all full-time employees receive the following:

  • Full Medical Benefits
  • Paid Membership to Industry Associations and Monthly Meetings
  • Monthly HSA Contribution
  • Monthly Cell Phone Stipend
  • Monthly Fuel Stipend
  • 401k + Corporate Match
  • Choice to Receive a Monthly Laptop Stipend
  • Complimentary Access to On-Site Gym
  • Flexible Vacation Policy and Paid Holidays
  • Bonuses for Industry Awards

If you are interested in joining our team, please do give our open employment opportunities a look and drop us a line.