An Event-Ful Conversation: Lauran

Every event professional at Red Velvet Events is an invaluable part of a dynamic team. In our “An Event-Ful Conversation” blog series, you’ll get to know these amazing people a little better. Learn how they got into this fast-paced industry, how they manage mega-level multitasking and what special skills they bring to the table to help RVE Outplan. Outplay. Outparty!

Q) Everyone has that “Aha!” moment in their life when they figure out what they really wanted to do as a career. What was the first sign that you were meant for the events and meeting industry?
A) I’ve always had a love and passion for overall design, bringing people together and hosting events, but when I was in college I found a position at a local insurance non-profit and started getting involved in organizing their educational classes as well as the biennial meeting. This really helped me dip my toes into corporate event life, plus during this time I was planning my own wedding, so I fell in love with that side as well. From there, I actually changed my major in college to Events and Hospitality and now here I am!

Q) How did you learn about Red Velvet Events?
A) I actually learned about RVE from one of my professors in the Events and Hospitality program at ACC. I was at a point where I wanted to shift companies and really dive into events full time, so after class one day I simply asked my professor for guidance and she recommended contacting the Lo’s at Red Velvet Events to see if they had any positions available. At the time there was only an internship opportunity, so I took a chance, applied and had a part time internship, part time job and went to school full time. I guess I’m nuts, but it all worked out in the end. 😉

Q) RVE’s love for Austin is well known. What’s your very favorite thing about Austin?
A) I’ve lived in this amazing city since I was 3 years old, and I think the thing I love most about this city is the consistent energy and loyalty the city itself has but also within the people that live and work here. Austinites are a passionate and proud people and that’s seen through the music, art, food and lifestyle we experience and enjoy every day.

Q) Nothing’s perfect – not even our beloved city. If money and time were no object, what’s the one thing you would change about Austin?
A) I would say traffic, but I think everyone will say that, so I’ll spin it and say maybe the wait time at Franklin. That BBQ is so freakin’ good, but sometimes I just don’t want to wait for it. When a girl needs brisket, she needs brisket.

Q) Everyone says they’re detailed-oriented. But what secret trait about you really demonstrates your commitment to order and details?
A) I live by my calendar as well as handwritten to do lists. I also sit down each morning to go through all of my deadlines for the day, but also for the week to ensure that I manage my overall time efficiently and correctly. Nothing fancy, but it works!