Western Roots, Eclectic Boots

The most common misconception about Austin from those who have never been here is that it’s full of Old West camaraderie and cowboy boots. While there are sprinkles of that here and there, Austin, for the most part, is a bubble in a Western state. The city became a melded combination of cowboys and hippies when the boom started back in the 1970s, and resulted in the very original, very unique Austinite.

That’s not to say we don’t enjoy the finer Southern things. Rodeo Austin makes its rounds here every year, now through March 25, and showcases world class livestock, ProRodeo, and daily country concerts. It’s a chance for Austin to channel its country roots for a couple weeks—albeit during SXSW—before reverting to its steady eclectic vibe.

At Red Velvet Events, we’re consistently putting on programs that channel these Western roots through leather, whiskey, and country music. And we love to do it, as it lets us step out of our comfort zone and into a different mindset. But we’d like to knock the misconception that Austin is country, because while its roots are strong, the city stands on its own.