You Pick, We Print!

Have you ever seen a wooden wall with artwork printed directly on it? Or access badges made out of aluminum? Our in-house creative team loves to challenge themselves by doing creative work and printing it on unexpected and non-traditional materials such as aluminum and wood. Last week, they gave us a breakdown of some of their favorite mediums to print on:


Printing on metal is inexpensive and brings a wow factor to any event. It’s a stop-and-stare piece.

Rubber Floor Mats

This is our creative team’s newest favorite. It turns something so simple into artwork under your feet.


Walls, bars, centerpieces, floors. Wood brings a high end feel to your event without the price tag.


You read that right—our in-house team can print directly on tile. Branded tiles are a unique experience that attendees can’t get most places.

Carpet, Rugs, and Fabric

Printing on a fabric gives the artwork dimension that flat surfaces cannot. The depth demands attention and looks fabulous once installed.

In addition to printing, our in-house creative team can decal and paint on almost anything. Painting on leaves and gems? Done! Decaling ghost chairs? Of course. The creative team’s consistent goal is to emphasize the client’s brand in a new way that elevates the attendee experience. They’ll always go above and beyond to find a new printing medium or creative idea for the client.

If you’re interested in seeing some of our creative team’s work, check out our Instagram @RedVelvetEvents, and our online portfolio.