ADMEI 2017: Hola, Barcelona

Have you ever witnessed an industry and market evolving around you? If so, you know how important it is to not only keep up with the trends, but predict them AND work faster than them. That was one of the topics covered at this year’s ADMEI International Annual Conference, and it couldn’t be more true. The DMC industry is changing, and becoming a combination of both destination and meeting planning. That’s why I’m feeling so grateful that Rachel Paisley, Liz Liebeskind and I attended this year’s ADMEI Conference in Barcelona. Red Velvet Events has always been internationally minded, but this was a game changer for us and for ADMEI!

Getting the international perspective in the city of Barcelona opened our minds to many different facets of DMCs. I’d say that the DMC industry is very problem-solution oriented, but this conference challenged that idea. It focused on evolving and anticipating company and client needs—it was a visionary and unique combination of international experiences. For example, most DMCs in Europe focus on an entire country rather than one city. Understanding and working through the differences between regions is a specialty skill of theirs that I think would be beneficial to all of us here.

Despite the differences between European and North American DMCs, we all have the same problems. There isn’t enough time in the day, or we can’t figure out how to be more creative, or we wish we had a bigger budget. These issues face all of us! Even though we don’t speak the same language, we all have the same learning opportunities. That’s why these annual meetings are so important, because while there, you realize that you aren’t alone.

To learn more about ADMEI and this year’s conference, visit their website here.