A Love Letter to the Events Industry

Dearest Events Industry,

I love you in the daytime, and even when you don’t let me sleep.
I love you when you change my schedule and the excitement that you bring.
I love you more than the rustic look, and Pantone’s color green,
And even more than 60 inch rounds love the hotel scene.
I love you even when I have one loading dock for six vendors.
And even still, I love you when we have less-than-perfect weather.
I love you more than guests love open bars, specialty drinks and all.
I love you even when I have to be the one to say “last call.”
I love the way days with you seem more important than days without,
And how, no matter what, I never forget what it’s all about.
Because of you, I create experiences to remember,
And, with each day passing, it’s only getting better.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Events Industry! We ❤️ you!