New Year, More Austin

January 11, 2017 Austin, Red Velvet Events

Here in Austin, new businesses and buildings are always popping up. We’ve rounded up some of the new things coming to Austin in 2017. Hope you’re as excited as we are!

Fairmont Austin

This new luxury hotel is set to feature 1,048 guest rooms—which will be the most in Austin—over 37-stories. With a view of Lady Bird Lake to the south of it and the cityscape to its west, Fairmont is sure to garner business and guests from all over the country. The hotel is slated to open in August.

New Oracle Campus in Southeast Austin

The fifth campus of California-based company Oracle is set to open in the developing East Riverside corridor. This campus is a major 560,000-square-feet, spanning 25-acres, as well as an adjacent apartment complex to house workers. We love seeing more tech advances in our city!

RVE’s Forever Home

Yup, you read that right. We purchased a standalone commercial building for our new headquarters office. We’re converting the vacant building on North Lamar to a creative space that will suit our needs. The opportunity to revitalize an empty building and truly own the design and feel of our workspace is truly remarkable—and the prominent address on North Lamar is the cherry on top. Keep your eyes out for updates on our forever home!