Unique Holiday Traditions from the RVE Team

December 21, 2016 Red Velvet Events

Happy Holidays from all of us here at RVE! Each family has its quirks, and ours are no exception. To get in the holiday spirit, we shared some of our own unique holiday traditions:

Kristina: We always have a beer and watch Die Hard together. Perfect Christmas movie.

Rachel: On Christmas Eve, my family is always last minute wrapping, shopping, and prepping for Santa. So to avoid any cooking efforts, we order pizza for dinner and drink wine—my favorite part! Oh, and my step dad thinks he’s Santa, and he actually might be.

Jason: All of the presents from my mom are still labeled as being from Santa. She always makes sure that my two brothers and I have the same quantity of presents to open so that we take turns opening them on rotation. Even if I were to get one really nice gift and my brother were to get five smaller gifts, my mom would still find 4 small things for me to have to open to not mess up the rotation.

Victoria: My mom makes the same breakfast casserole every year on Christmas morning. My immediate family comes over, and then we gather in the living room to exchange presents. Because back home is so far south, it’s usually 75 degrees or warmer on Christmas Day, so I also hang out by my mom’s pool with a glass of wine.

I participate in some interesting traditions with my boyfriend’s family on Christmas Eve. It usually involves a family dinner, dancing, music, a piñata, replicating a mini posada (where his family splits into two groups and sings to each other signifying Mary and Joseph going from house to house looking for shelter), and then opening gifts with his family at midnight.

Christa SanFilippo: At our house, elves come the night before Christmas and they leave glitter dust in their tracks. They deliver pajamas or slippers to everyone so they look nice for Santa’s arrival. My dad would actually go outside when we were younger and make noise on the roof and have bells jingle by the side of the house. I believed in Santa until I was 14.

Jessica: My family tries to be as clever as possible with labeling gifts with silly, clever, and confusing references to the gift. If I got a pair of starry night socks from my mom, she would label it as “From: The Ear” (as in, Vincent Van Gogh’s ear, the painter of the painting that is now on the socks), or a Game of Thrones DVD may be labeled as from some obscure character from the books that we had to look up on the internet. So silly, and we spend so much time trying to outwit each other!

Karina: Unfortunately, Hong Kong doesn’t have a Christmas market for all the Germans, which is why my school always organized a Christmas bazaar. I made sure to always have my dad purchase all the important Christmas treats: Chocolate marzipan, Advent wreath, Lindt Chocolate Advent calendar, LOTS of Lebkuchen and of course Weihnachtsstollen (a bread containing dried fruit and often covered with powdered sugar).

Katera: My younger brother and I watch Christmas movies the entire night of Christmas Eve while my mom prepares the living room for Santa to come. In the morning, we each have one or two presents that are not wrapped and, instead, are displayed—those are the gifts from Santa.