Livin’ Pura Vida Loca

Hi there! The team is hijacking the RVE blog today because some of us just returned from our RVE Rewards trip (can you believe we made our Stretch Goal two years in a row?!), and knowing Cindy, she wouldn’t outright brag to you how amazing this trip was so here’s our attempt. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

Last week, some of our team traveled south to Costa Rica for Red Velvet Events’ 2016 incentive trip for meeting our yearly stretch goal. Normally, we’d head out of Austin in January, but if you haven’t heard… we have a very busy January! So, we packed our bags and hopped on a plane, and journeyed the 2,300 miles to Secrets Papagayo in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Our first night in Costa Rica was met with a delicious offsite dinner at a quirky little restaurant that overlooked a stunning bay filled with sailboats. We were greeted with cocktails, watched the sun set, and dined outside underneath colorful festoon lights. It was a fantastic start to our relaxing days under the Central American sun.

The next day, we took off zip lining through the Costa Rican rainforest. As we arrived to the zip lining center, we were welcomed by a mother monkey who had her two-week-old baby on her back! It was an amazing start to our day, and it only got better once we got on the zip line. Some of our team felt especially adventurous and flipped upside down like bats or flew like Superman. That same day, a few of us got to do something out of our wildest dreams—feed a wild white-faced monkey!

Later on in our trip, we had a choice: would we like to go tubing down the Colorado River? Or hike the base of an active volcano? The adrenaline junkies of our team that went tubing went bravely down the rushing waters just one week after Hurricane Otto. The excursion on the river was wild, daring, and sometimes even extreme, and they had a blast. The others took off for an educational hike at the volcano, and found some wilderness of their own: bubbling volcano mud, blue butterflies the size of your palm, and a river of sulfur! The guides were fantastic and full of knowledge, so much so that it enhanced the entire experience.

Our last day, as well as our nights, were wide open, and in the event world, no schedule is rare! So our team spent the time with each other, bonding, dancing, and swimming (even in the rain). The resort was beautiful, and the time spent with each other was awesome. From hanging out poolside to facing fears zip lining or tubing, it was great seeing everyone in such a stress-free and unique environment. Thank you, Cindy, for such an incredible experience! We are so fortunate to be working for a company that is so generous to its team, and we appreciate you and all that you do for it and for us!