Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Psst….I’ll let you in on a little secret if you just started following our blog, the trick to running a successful event planning company. It should be obvious but sometimes our “magic” is so good even our clients and competitors aren’t sure of how we make it all happen. It’s all about the team you bring to the table. And when I say team – it’s not just your full-time team members; it’s also the contractors you hire and the event partners you have.

A sad truth about events is that they don’t last forever. We do A LOT (and I can not emphasize A LOT enough) of prep work for just a few hours of some incredible experiences. A lot of these experiences come together when we have our entire team brainstorming and searching for that one idea that will elevate the program. Our lead planners work tirelessly to ensure that it all runs smoothly. They take the ideas of our team and refine them, turning them into seamless activations at the event and ensuring above all that our client is happy.

Events happen because we have multiple teams in our office that are all working towards that same goal: making the client happy and making the event a success based on the client’s metrics. We all play different roles, but we all come together and support each other any time we can. It’s a pretty magical thing, if you ask me. Each person is still responsible for their own work, but we’re all using our responsibilities to achieve the bigger goal!

What have you uncovered as you’ve explored working with your A-team? I want to hear from you.