Hashtag Grateful

November 23, 2016 Austin, Red Velvet Events

It’s that time of year again. The wonderful time of year where we show thanks and gratitude to the people around us, those who lift us up and support us. We want to take this week to express how grateful we are for some of the people in our lives.

To: our team!

We’re so thankful to be surrounded by such lovely people every day, people who give unyielding support and endless shoulders to lean on. Thank you, team, for stepping up when we need it, for the strong work ethic, and for the infinite Celine Dion singalongs.

To: our clients

Thank you so much for entrusting your events with us! We’re so grateful that you allow us to make your ideas reality, and that you trust us with your budgets and your schedules. Thank you for making this year truly unforgettable.

To: our event partners

We could not do what we do without you. Your hard work and expertise in your respective fields make our events come together. This year has been full of events big and small, and you’ve been there every step of the way ready for anything. Thank you for taking event life on with us and going above and beyond for the client and attendees! They notice your dedication, and we do, too.

To: our friends and families

Thank you for still loving us even when we work as crazy hard as we do because we LOVE the events industry! We are so grateful for your support of our dreams.

So, to our team, our clients, our event partners, and our friends and families, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!