Prepping for Event Day: Team Routines

October is Red Velvet Events’ birthday month! We decided to celebrate turning 14 years old by posting special blog content each week of October that reflects who we are and what we do. This week, we asked the team to share their various routines the night before an event. Whose routine do you align with most?

Stormi Boyd, CMP, CMM, Director of Professional Services: I fall asleep thinking about the perspective of the attendee. What will they see, hear, smell, and feel each step of the way through the event? Could I have done anything else to make their experience more memorable? What does the entrance look like as they walk through it? How will they find the bars?! If I fall asleep knowing the attendees will be happy with the feel of the event, I know I have done my job.   

Shelby Olivier, Program Manager: I try to be strict with my routine the night before an event. While it’s easy to let myself get lost in floor plans and run of shows until 4 in the morning, I really only allow myself one final review of everything before I get a good night’s sleep. Event professionals need to be prepared for anything onsite. How can a client trust a planner who is throwing back espresso shots just to keep their eyes open? Aside from that, I also like to listen to John Mayer—no judgment. His music totally calms any pre-event jitters.

Christa SanFilippo, Program Manager: I will watch an episode of The Real Housewives on Bravo TV with my two dogs. The mindless television drama takes my mind off the craziness I may have the next day.  After an event I always am sure to treat myself to a 2-hour massage or the full package pedicure. 

Liz Liebeskind, Program Designer: I don’t get to be onsite a lot due to my sales position, but when I do, I study. The night before consists of reading the email confirmations and my notes over and over. I literally think of everything that could possibly go wrong and back track from there. It’s not the most positive way of thinking, but it really helps prep your onsite face for the client. Plus in our industry, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong…and then some. So you need to be mentally prepared to tackle it. I am going to be a SUPER fun mom one day.

Cindy Lo, DMCP, President & Event Strategist: I pack an onsite bag with everything I could possibly need that day. I’d rather have a full bag than need to go to someone else for a basic item.

Rachel Paisley, Director of Business Development: Drink wine. Seriously.