The Wellness Warriors of RVE

This Saturday, Red Velvet Events is participating in the Fit Company Challenge at Zilker Park. The three-course fitness challenge gives Austin companies the chance to earn the title of Fittest Company so our group has been training relentlessly every Saturday for the last twelve weeks. We’re so ready to conquer our second year in the competition.

We asked some of our RVE Wellness Warriors – LeeAnn, Rachel, Sarah, Liz, Jason, Shelby, Christa SanFilippo and Victoria – what they thought about the upcoming competition. Check out what they said below:

Why are you participating in the Austin Fit Company Challenge?

LEEANN: I’m doing it to get back into the habit of working out daily in hopes of finding my long lost abs by next summer. *insert flex emoji*
SHELBY: I participated last year and not only was it a really fun way to connect with my team, it was also really encouraging to see so many Austin professionals take health and wellness seriously. I’m also super competitive, so…
LIZ: I was looking for a change in my lifestyle which was pretty much just sitting, eating and complaining that I couldn’t fit in my pants. So, with the help of Cindy and boot camp, I am a healthier and more energetic human being.

What are you most looking forward to on event day?

JASON: I’m most looking forward to competing with my coworkers and showing Austin what we are made of. I imagine it will be like Field Day for adults.
SARAH: Showing Austin what Team RVE’s got! Um, and also wearing our cute outfits dedicated to our day-of fitness. Hearing and having the rest of our team cheer us on will be great too!

Do you have a favorite work out? If so, what is it and why?

CHRISTA SANFILIPPO: Within the challenge, kettle bell swings. Outside of it, boxing – it gives you the chance to take out your frustrations on a bag.
VICTORIA: I like the workouts that make it seem like you aren’t actually working out, like rollerblading or swimming.

What would it mean to you for RVE to be one of Austin’s fittest companies?

RACHEL: Add it to the list of awesome!
LEEANN: It would mean that we could have our cake and eat it too, literally! We get sweet treats delivered to the office every day.

How has preparation been? Do you feel trained and ready?!

RACHEL: Yes, the training has been the best part! We get to experience this as a unit and connect in a different way outside of work. I believe it has made us better individually, and it’s bettered our working relationships as well.
JASON: The Saturday group sessions have definitely been beneficial; not only for our fitness goals, but for our team morale.
SHELBY: I never feel ready, haha. But that’s the fun part about this challenge. You just have to get in and give it your all. 

Any closing thoughts?

SARAH: I. Hate. Working. Out. But I love my team, and I love my job.
LIZ: I fit in my pants now.