Spreading Your Company Culture: A Unique Marketing Strategy

NewCo Austin

Last week, our business development team participated in NewCo Austin, an interactive learning event that allows people to connect with a wide spectrum of professionals. Our team presented a talk called “Spreading Your Company Culture: A Unique Marketing Strategy” which highlighted ways that Red Velvet has found success.

One of those ways? Creative activities every Monday morning at our team meeting. For example, we partnered up our NewCo attendees and had them draw their partner’s face without ever looking at the paper or the pen. It’s simple and silly—and effective. This kind of activity fuels creativity while breaking down potential barriers and challenging people to dive in head first. It also is a piece of our company culture.

Our culture starts with our motto: Outplan. Outplay. Outparty! It’s more than a marketing tagline, it’s like a mission statement. We incorporate our motto into not only the way we plan events, but our internal culture and our external interactions. We attempt to create a community within our office. By doing this, we can extend the same community-centric ideals to our clients and in so doing, spread our company culture. Our marketing relies on creating a true bond with our clients and vendors. We strive to build lasting relationships with our event partners and clients.

In order to build these relationships, we create swag and gifts for our clients and vendors that reflect Red Velvet and our internal culture while showing our sincerest appreciation to these partners. Lately, we’ve distributed holiday recovery kits, coloring books to destress, and summer swag bags. We also utilize a troll doll named Pockets. It sounds a little strange, but it works! Pockets is used for showing appreciation within our company. Whoever has Pockets adds something to him (or her!)—a hat, a spray tan, a flamingo floaty—and then gives Pockets away to someone else who they appreciated that week. It’s a hit in our office, so we bought a bunch of them and sent them out to some of our partners. We’ve started a social media contest revolving around Pockets, too. The possibilities are endless, the relationships are aided, and all it took was a little extra thought and care.

Our company culture is one of happiness, hard work, and appreciation. We believe in rewarding those around us who do so much for us. Simple acts of kindness and true thoughtfulness is an interesting marketing strategy, but it’s essential, and we hope that our NewCo attendees now feel that way, too.