Meet Katera – Writer, Planner & Martini Drinker!

July 27, 2016 Austin, Red Velvet Events

Hey there!

I’m Katera Berent, an Associate Program Coordinator and the in-house writer here at Red Velvet Events. I recently moved down to Austin from Wisconsin after graduating from Marquette University. Despite my four years spent in Sconnie, I still identify with my roots in Chicago, so you’ll have to forgive me for the way I pronounce my a’s and the fact that I say “you guys” instead of “y’all.” I’ll try to convert to Southern lingo ASAP.

My favorite things in life revolve around experiences – an Arctic Monkeys show, a sip of a dirty gin martini at a rooftop bar, or a conversation revolving around Harry Styles and his variety of haircuts will keep me happy for days. Perhaps my fascination with experiences is why I’ve found myself in the events industry.

My roles at Red Velvet allow me to explore two lifelong interests: planning and writing. I’m sure I annoyed my mother to no end when I was a child because I insisted on thoroughly planning my sleepovers, complete with handmade invitations and itineraries for my guests. I also utilized vendors for my birthday parties and went to their warehouses to decide which bouncy castle was just right. I haven’t grown out of my obsession with logistics, and entering this industry; I hope I never do. Although I can’t say that I still write plays in composition notebooks like I did as a kid, I still do believe in the importance of writing creatively and freely. Artistic expression is such a vital part of life to me, I can’t see myself ever slowing that down.

Now that you know a little bit about me, I hope you feel more comfortable exploring the ins and outs of the events industry with me each week on the RVE Blog. And hey — I frequent Rainey Street, so if you ever see me there, don’t be afraid to come by and say hello.