All we do is Win, Win, Win

Winning U.S. Partner of the Year

Last month, a couple of us traveled south – even further south than we are here in Texas – to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, for the Global DMC Partners Connection. The summit covered some important topics in our busy world of event management, including global emergency preparedness, the global economic impact of Brexit, and maintaining a successful business in today’s market.

What was by far the most memorable experience, though, was the moment that Red Velvet Events was announced on stage as a 2016 U.S. Partner of the Year by Global DMC Partners. We were so surprised to learn that we had been awarded this honor! Rachel Paisley, our Director of Business Development, might have had an inkling, though. As the Partners of the Year were being announced at the 2015 GDP Connection the prior year, she predicted that RVE would be on that stage in 2016. I am so thankful that she was right.

You see, this award is chosen, not applied for, by the Global DMC Partners. Criteria for the award is set in terms of creativity, quality, operational excellence, and more. We’re so proud to say that Red Velvet Events exceeded in every category. This all goes back to our team, who is committed to both our clients and our great city of Austin.

Shelby Olivier, an RVE Programs Manager, was thrilled to learn that part of the award was recognition for outstanding client feedback because she knows firsthand that our team strives to deliver beyond every client’s expectations. Receiving affirmation from our clients that we’re doing it right by them is very encouraging. Jason Sick, another RVE Programs Manager, agreed. He noted that while many of the award opportunities in our industry are peer-selected, the Partner of the Year Award is largely based on client feedback. Though it is an incredible honor to be recognized by our peers, it truly speaks volumes about our team to be acknowledged based on our clients’ experiences.

Three weeks later, that shiny award-winning feeling hasn’t really shaken off. Everyone in the office is brimming with pride. Winning an award like this takes effort from every single person on the team, and we’re feeling very lucky to have the necessary work ethic and talent. Thank you to Global DMC Partners for naming us a 2016 U.S. Partner of the Year. We are so honored.