How the Austin Skyline Is Changing

There’s no shortage of gorgeous photos of the Austin skyline. And with all the construction that’s been going on in the last few years, any photographer who takes a picture of Austin’s skyline should label it “Special Edition,” because that same view may be so different a year later. Even a few months can bring about a new building to grace the view of downtown Austin, making the skyline even more nuanced and interesting.

While there are legitimate concerns about traffic, density, and population growth, we at RVE relish Austin’s changing skyline because it gives our city one more lovely detail to show off to visitors. Whether it’s a cutting-edge new restaurant opening, an entirely new food trend starting, a much-needed new addition to the Austin Convention Center, or, yes, a new skyscraper being built, every exciting change to our city means that every visit for an out-of-towner is going to be different – and is going to leave them wanting more. You can visit Austin once a year, or even once every six months, and have an entirely new culinary and social experience every time, which is part of why people keep coming back to Austin!

As Austin’s premiere DMC and meeting and event planners, we’re excited to see what new construction projects take root downtown. Want RVE to show your next incentive or corporate meeting the best and brightest parts of Austin’s current skyline? Contact us today!