RVE’s Recent Culture Changes

February 17, 2016 Cindy's Corner, Red Velvet Events

There’s no doubt that Red Velvet Events has evolved quite a bit since I first founded the company in October 2002. But now, more than ever, there seems to be an interest in understanding how we keep our culture fresh.

One important part of RVE’s new culture is an understanding about what works for people and what doesn’t. And in this case, I don’t just mean clients – I also mean employees. I’ve always been RVE’s biggest cheerleader, but a few years ago, my colleague – and sister – Sarah gave me a wake-up call. We talked about how I’d wanted this company to be a place where people can experiment and grow their careers, but instead, it turned into an all-work-and-no-play place. And that was definitely not what I wanted. I’ve always wanted RVE to be a work hard AND play hard environment.

So how are we moving towards that?

  • We’re Changing Our Company Culture. Our culture is a critical piece to whether or not we are a successful company. I strongly believe that you have to be open to feedback because it’s how we all learn, and I want our team to deliver more just-in-time feedback so that we can tweak things along the way.
  • More Work – And More Play. I take my job very seriously, and I expect everyone on my team to do the same. But more fun time isn’t just important to my team as employees – it’s also important to their careers as event professionals. After all, a fun work environment helps us keep our events fresh and our nerves loosened up on those more stressful days. (Did you hear that our profession remains in the Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs?)
  • Pride and Ownership. I want EVERY RVE team member to be accountable for their work and their clients’ programs. They should feel in control and responsible for the success of their clients’ events and worthy of our clients’ trust.
  • Passion. Anyone that has met me in person knows how much I LOVE my job and how lucky I feel that I’m in the hospitality and special events industry. I’m looking for team members that are just as passionate. When you’re naturally passionate about the business, you naturally will care about the success of the company and of our clients’ programs.
  • Family. This is actually something I’ve always felt, but I never knew how to properly express it until after I just came back from ADMEI’s Annual Conference in Oklahoma City. Taking a line from our Global DMC Partners in New Orleans, BBC Nola views their team as family NOT staff, and that’s the same with us…whether you’ve been with RVE for 1 month or 7 years, you are part of the RVE family, and we’re in it together to producing the next big event!

As with all things, this has been a slow transformation, but a consistent one. I am delighted to say that I think we’re now closer than ever to having the company culture I first envisioned all those years ago – and even if we’re not quite there yet, we’ll get there soon with more hard work (and definitely more play). What’s important to you when it comes to company culture?