Food for Thought!

Whether it’s the phenomenon of cronuts or waiting in line for bar-b-que, we can see food trends coming from a mile away. It’s part of our jobs as event professionals, since our clients want to know what the newest, hottest trends in food and dining are.

These days, it wouldn’t surprise most people to know that food trucks still get a lot of requests. Healthier options continue to soar in popularity, but we’re seeing a resurgence in comfort food over kale.

But did you know that hiring a food truck is going to cost roughly the same as hiring a caterer? Many people request food trucks thinking that option will save them a few dollars. But, with the possible exception of breakfast tacos, food truck small bites will end up costing just as much as a “traditional” caterer.

Also, if you’re planning a catered event – food trucks or not – keep in mind that alcohol will probably cost more per person than you’re anticipating. This is where a great event professional can come in, giving you realistic cost breakdowns so you don’t end up with sticker shock after the event.

And have you noticed that your personal grocery bill has been increasing? Well this trend is also happening on the hotel and restaurant side. Be sure to follow the economics of food to understand how this may affect your overall program’s budget. For example, when the bird flu hit the US, it caused our eggs to surge in price. The drought that has been affecting California for the past few years is catching up to the cost of lettuce and tomatoes. Food for thought!

What food trends are you seeing these days? What do you wish would make a comeback? Share your tasty thoughts with us in the comments!