When Hearing “No” Is A Great Thing

One of the best parts of my job as President & Owner of Red Velvet Events is the process of always learning. This can make for some tough and humbling moments, but I know it’s also keeping me at the top of my game. In a world as fast-paced as event planning can be, you have to be flexible and willing to learn in order to be successful and provide your clients with a fantastic and memorable event.

So I’ll let you in on a little secret: sometimes failing is the most important thing I can do, because I always learn from it.

If one of my team members or I lose a client in the pitch, we try to figure out what we could’ve done differently to win that client’s business after all. And even if we can’t come to an agreement, we still try to problem-solve with the potential client to make sure he or she walks away happy. For example, if timing is an issue, we strive to help the potential client find an alternative planner or company that can work on his or her selected date.

Another important lesson to learn: the balance between challenging yourself and staying with what you know. When I first started out, I worked on a handful of weddings. I knew the venue owners, the bride, and / or the groom in each scenario, so we were able to communicate well and accomplish goals with minimal challenges. However, as the team grew, I noticed that they – and I – had a lot of strengths in working with corporate events, branding, launches, and special productions with high-intense deadlines. As the months wore on, I realized that RVE was becoming less suited for weddings compared to some other stellar event planners in town. So these days, corporate events and meetings are our bread and butter, and we’re always getting better at them.

What about you? How does failure propel you forward? I’d love to start a conversation about it in the comments section!