Think Globally, Act Globally

When you’re a DMC, you get to spotlight your town as a premiere destination for groups all over the world. And what do you do to understand the world’s travel needs better? Why, you travel across the world, of course!

International travel is an important part of RVE’s work, and not just because we have so many clients from around the globe. Cindy Y. Lo, our fearless leader, has been doing a lot of international travel lately to build relationships, learn more about our clients’ cultures, and get inspired by how events are managed and designed on other continents.

So how does taking a global perspective on events set RVE apart from the competition?

See Our Similarities.

The more we travel and work within other countries, the more we realize that event planners all over the globe face similar challenges – and the more we can come up with answers to the problems we all face. We feel this is an important perspective to take, regardless of your profession. We’re all citizens of the world, and we should let our similarities unite us rather than letting our differences divide us.

Greater Sensitivity.

Again, traveling makes us more sensitive and understanding about other cultures and experiences. Our expectations about events here in the U.S. do not necessarily match the rest of the world’s expectations, and it’s crucial to keep this in mind if we want to be not just successful, but appreciated enough to win repeat clients and referrals.

Inspiration Everywhere.

Whether seeing old architecture or basking in natural surroundings, traveling the world lets us see new ways to design and transform a space. For example, when Cindy was in Russia recently, she noticed how popular neon lights had become; now she’s working on replicating that retro look for a U.S. corporate event!

Travel can be great for personal and/or professional reasons – but, as we’ve discovered, it’s especially enlightening when you’re looking to make new connections, achieve greater cultural understanding, and discover vibrant ways to stage events.

And a shout out to my new best friends from bonding with them in Moscow post speaking in Sochi, Russia – Janet Elkins with Event Works; Lisa Bombin with Unico Communications; Christoph Kirst with inglück; Irina Stepanenko with Eventicious; and Katerina Sukhova with Eventum Premo.

What have you discovered during international travel? How has it helped your work? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section!