An Event-Ful Conversation: Mindy

Every event professional at Red Velvet Events is an invaluable part of a dynamic team. In our “An Event-Ful Conversation” blog series, you’ll get to know these amazing people a little better. Learn how they got into this fast-paced industry, how they manage mega-level multitasking and what special skills they bring to the table to help RVE Outplan. Outplay. Outparty!

Q) Everyone has that “Aha!” moment in their life when they figure out what they really wanted to do as a career. What was the first sign that you were meant for the events and meeting industry?
A) I first knew I wanted to work in the events and meeting industry when I realized I was spending my free time volunteering on event committees for several non-profit organizations, and I was having a blast! The event industry is a fast-paced, constantly evolving industry and as a graphic designer, I feel my creativity thrives in this up-beat, challenging, and demanding environment. Even though there is so much work involved in planning an event, seeing the event come together in the end is a very rewarding experience.

Q) How did you learn about Red Velvet Events?
A) I’m new to Austin and a friend of mine that works in the catering industry told me about RVE; how great a company they were to work with and how respected they were in the industry. From the first time I checked out their website, I knew I wanted to be part of the RVE team.

Q) What creatively inspires you?
A) I am inspired by natural textures, almost anything gold, and the idea that if something doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. Also, since moving to Austin, the Hope Outdoor Gallery and the Cathedral of Junk have become great sources of inspiration.

Q) RVE’s love for Austin is well-known. What’s your very favorite thing about Austin?
A) It’s hard to choose just one…I guess I would have to say the entrepreneurial spirit of Austin and Austinites is one of my most favorite things. There are so many unique, successful businesses, shops, and restaurants that originated here in Austin and thrive both here and in other areas of the country.

Q) What is the one place you make sure to take out-of-town guests when they visit Austin?
A) I always take out-of-town guests to view the sunset from Covert Park at Mount Bonnell. It was one of the first places I explored when I moved to Austin and it remains my absolute favorite view of the city.

Q) Everyone says they’re detail-oriented. But what secret trait about you really demonstrates your commitment to order and details?
A) My studio/workshop is obsessively clean and organized. All art supplies, tools, and materials are housed in clear labeled boxes. Paints and threads are grouped by color, nails and screws are organized by size, fabrics are organized by pattern. When I’m in my “creative mode” I like to know exactly where my materials are located.