A Great Disruption?

If you live in a city – and especially if you live in Austin – you know all about ride-sharing services like Lyft and Uber. And pretty much everyone’s heard of HomeAway and Airbnb now, if they haven’t made at least one reservation with the short-term rental companies. The sharing economy is here for sure.

This raises a good question among us at Red Velvet Events: What future resource could disrupt event and meeting planning the way these companies have disrupted things in their respective industries? There are already plenty of crowd-sourcing ideas for design work; so what could be the HomeAway for securing a venue, providing entertainment, and the other crucial parts of planning an event?

One of the most important traits of a successful event planner is the ability to be flexible and adapt to change in order to stay relevant to clients. If we think of ourselves as a commodity rather than an event partner, it would be all too easy for a crowd-sourcing site or service to take over and offer clients options – though those options would come without the years of experience and know-how that a seasoned event planner provides.

Now, there will always be room for crowd-sourcing in the world of event planning, just like there will always be room for freelancing in the professional world. But as a professional, you want to consider what’s coming or could be coming in order to stay ahead of the game.

What do you think could disrupt the event planning industry the way Lyft and Uber have disrupted taxi service? We’d love to hear insight from you in the comments section!