Fear of Missing Out, Part II: When Good Ideas Go Viral

Did you read our blog post on the Fear of Missing Out, also known as FOMO? No need to fear. If you missed it, you can read it here!

As we discussed last time, FOMO can sometimes tempt people to want to work in the events and meeting planning industry when they don’t realize how many challenges that working in this industry presents. Likewise, the big bad FOMO bug can sometimes bite people in the initial planning stages of an event. They might want the most original, cutting-edge décor and entertainment at their parties – and if they hear that someone else is planning something similar or if they see their style featured in a competitor’s bash, it’s a catastrophe.

In a world where ideas and images spread across social media like wildfire and a new copycat is born every minute, how do you create a fresh look for an event without “missing out” on its newness? As with many things in life, it’s all in the details. Red Velvet Events has years of experience making each event a custom experience, so trust us when we say that we can make your event original and unforgettable!

Remember: a certain point, the best ideas turn into trends and they pop up everywhere. Whoever had the first chocolate fountain probably found that out rather quickly. But don’t get too upset if, for example, you see centerpieces similar to yours at another company’s event. At RVE, we’ll make your event so unique and fun, your FOMO will go the way of the dodo!