Dear World at Your Events

At the recent ISES Live conference held in New Orleans, we had the privilege of participating in a Dear World campaign. This striking, groundbreaking project first became famous after Hurricane Katrina. Described on the website as “a portrait project that unites people through pictures in his distinct message-on-skin style,” this initiative by photographer Robert X. Fogarty has traveled all over the world capturing poignant and compelling portraits of people and the words that matter most to them.

Lauran, Nikki and Cindy had the pleasure of attending ISES Live in person, and they each chose a different word / phrase for her portrait. We keep the pictures nearby as important reminders of what matters most to us, both at work and beyond. Robert is truly gifted; we think all of his portraits – including ours – are incredibly powerful.

One of the remarkable traits of the Dear World project is that it can be utilized at social or corporate events to create unforgettable memories and conversations. You don’t have to wait for a life-changing moment at your company or in your life to celebrate it with a portrait like this. You too could have Dear World campaign take place at your next event:

  • As part of the guest book for a party or wedding
  • To launch a new project
  • As part of a team building exercise
  • To celebrate a company milestone

We think this project is a fantastic addition to any event. Want to talk to us about how to employ it at your next social event or product launch? Contact us today!