Great Expectations: The Truth About Working at RVE

August 5, 2015 Austin, Red Velvet Events

Red Velvet Events has been going strong for over a decade, but it’s still a genuine delight to see how many people want to work for this organization.

However, because the team has grown so much lately, roles have changed quite a bit. The organization’s leadership style has developed a slightly different direction, so I wanted to take a moment and publicly discuss what you can—and can’t—expect if you come to work at RVE.


  • The unexpected! One of the great things about working in the events and meeting industry is that you never know what the day will bring. It keeps us on our toes, and that’s why we love it!
  • To be part of a solid team. One of the major changes at RVE recently has been the addition of new managers who believe that a team’s success truly relies on everyone. If one team member doesn’t succeed, that’s not just his or her fault—it’s the manager’s fault, too. RVE managers are constantly asking their team members what they’re missing, and they do the same for upper management at the organization as well.
  • To be challenged every day. To make it at RVE, you have to be uber-creative, flexible, and ready to tackle whatever adventures come your way. You don’t have to know everything, but you definitely have to show a lot of initiative and willingness to learn. This is definitely not the place for people who want to do the same thing day in and day out!
  • To be thoroughly trained. We recently changed our training strategies, and now all new employees go through RVE orientation for a full month before managing their own events. We invest a ton of effort into finding people who can hit the ground running and be top contributors to the organization from day one.

Don’t expect:

  • To stop learning. At RVE, there’s never a point where you can just sit back and phone it in! The meetings and events field is always changing, and it’s crucial that we stay on top of that. We seriously invest in our employees by offering recertification and other continuing education opportunities.
  • To be thrown into the deep end. Thanks to our month-long training process, all new hires shadow seasoned event planners before going out and managing their own events. It’s a great combination of first-hand real world experience and solid, thorough training.
  • To give up. In the service industry, the people who succeed are the fighters: those people willing to stand up for their clients, their teams, and their beliefs and visions.

While the days where Cindy personally mentored every employee are gone, the RVE team is getting better and stronger every day thanks to these initiatives and core beliefs. And if this sounds like the kind of place where you would not only survive, but also thrive, check out our Careers page. We’d love to hear from you!