Fear of Missing Out, Part I: Planning Versus Partying

August 26, 2015 Event Planning

Did you hear the latest buzzword?

Does reading “Did you hear the latest buzzword” make you nervous because you’re afraid you missed it?

If so, you may have FOMO, which stands for Fear of Missing Out. (Coincidentally, that’s the buzzword we’re talking about!)

Don’t worry – FOMO is incredibly common these days. Thanks to social media, SnapChat messaging, and other ways to connect instantaneously, people can get together at a moment’s notice. Because you can’t be everywhere – or read everything online – all of the time, sooner or later you might miss an event you really wanted to attend. And if this thought concerns you, you have a classic case of FOMO.

But FOMO doesn’t just affect weekend plans. It can draw people to a whole new career – and one that might not be a great fit for them. It’s all too easy to look at the glitz and glamour of a high-end event and think, “That’s what I want to do! I love parties, and I hate to miss out on fun. Event planning is the career for me!”

If you’ve been bitten by the event planning strain of the FOMO bug, you might be the next big thing…or you might be on the brink of a huge mistake. To make sure you’ve got what it takes to survive in this industry, think about why you want to join it. Do you have a passion for details, logistics, design, and the other crucial components of being a planner? Or are you more concerned about being in the know about all the right parties?

All of us at Red Velvet love attending events – but that’s not why we work in this industry. What we really love far more than a great party is having clients who are so delighted by our fantastic work that they can’t imagine hiring anyone else for their events. And to keep our clients happy, we need employees who are even more passionate about planning than they are about partying.

So if you’re suffering from FOMO, join the crowd. But do think long and hard before making a career change based solely on not wanting to be left out. (And if you’re still driven and determined to join the extraordinarily fast-paced world of meeting and event planning, check out our careers page.)

And make sure you read our next blog post, which will cover dealing with FOMO fears as a client. Don’t worry – we won’t let you miss it!