Why Austin for your next meeting

In our business, we’re frequently asked: why should I pick Austin for my program, instead of the other major Texas cities.

Let us show you why Austin is great for your next program:

  • Austin is the perfect combination of professional-but-laid-back. If you want to make sure your conference is more about the content and less about the formal dress attire, we’re the city for you.
  • We have a safe, walkable, attractive downtown, an endless selection of mouth-watering & award-winning restaurants and amazing music.
  • Many people who come here for a work conference love Austin so much they plan to return with their spouse or partner. They’re grateful to come somewhere that feels so authentic, original, fun and cool.
  • We have a variety of activities available, depending on how active your attendees want to be. They can go standup paddle boarding, ride electric bikes, or take a walking museum tour. And that’s just a teaser into what we offer for tours.

Tell us why you LOVE Austin!