The ABC’s of RVE – S, T & U

As Austin’s premier events planning company, Red Velvet Events knows what it takes to succeed in the industry. A big part of our success is about giving our clients what they want, to the letter! And that got us thinking about the ABCs of RVE and professional event management. This is the latest in a series of posts which we hope will spell out success in this business – from A to Z!

S is for Sales.

The events planning industry may have some slower periods, but that’s only compared to our beyond-hectic prime seasons. At the start of any fiscal year, we have at least 50% of our annual sales on the books and confirmed — and it only goes up after that. If you want to be a leader in this industry, you have to be comfortable with how sales are a 24/7 operation.

T is for Transportation.

When people think about what drives any successful event, they typically think about the neat venue, the fabulous food, and the super fun entertainment. But rarely do they think about transportation. RVE tackles everything from airport greeters to destination shuttles to last-minute VIP rides. As a full-service company, we have the privilege of working with the best transportation partners in Austin—and they always get our clients where they need to be! And we are one of the few DMC firms that has a dedicated full-time Transportation Coordinator. Have you not met Joanna?

U is for Unplug.

Because this industry is so demanding, we know how important it is to unplug. You don’t want to be relaxing on the beach when that perfect client comes calling, but you have to relax sometimes in order to stay at the top of your game. Balance is a necessary part of success, so force yourself to take breaks. Our experience has shown us that spring and fall (with ACL, SXSW, F1 and holiday parties) are our busiest seasons, so summers—which are traditionally a little slower—are the best time to unplug.

Next month, we continue the ABCs of RVE. Click here to review your lesson!