Acting out in staff meetings

If you’re going to work in meetings and events, it’s pretty important to be able to have fun at your own company meetings!

Anyone walking by our offices on any given Monday might wonder about all the riotous laughter coming from our conference room. On one recent Monday, four of our talented staffers were acting out an improv scene—and the results were almost unspeakably hilarious. The scene involved people attending a party, but everyone had a secret and ridiculous affliction that the others had to guess. One person was “melting,” another literally had her “pants on fire” and a third suffered from a disease which made her yell and swear a lot. Who knew event planners could act, too?

Trying out different improv exercises is a regular part of our weekly staff meetings. Creativity and energy are crucial parts of our jobs, and improv adds a fun and positive twist to the RVE atmosphere.

Are you intrigued—and curious to try a little improv at your next team meeting? You and your co-workers can start with the following scenarios:

  • Copy Cat. Break the group into pairs. In each pair, one person speaks and gestures, while the other person has to mimic them.
  • Pass the Ball. You pass a mimed ball around the circle, and different people give it different qualities (it’s extremely heavy, or very light, or freezing cold, or hot, etc.)
  • Minute to Name It. One person states a category (ie, Name as many local Austin restaurants) and the other person has to list as many of those items that fit that category in under a minute. See who can name more.

Have fun and break a leg!