How taking responsibility for errors earns your client’s trust

Trust is something that has to be earned

What I’m finding is that, more and more, people want to blame mistakes on other people. But I really dislike it when people pass the buck. It’s so important to own up to your own mistakes.

If something goes wrong, admit it. You made a mistake, you overslept, you forgot: suck up your pride and apologize and more importantly, be sincere and mean it when you apologize. People are more willing to trust you again if you take responsibility.

Does it hurt? Of course it does. But part of earning a client’s faith is accepting responsibility for your own errors. Own your mistakes so you can earn your clients’ trust.

Finding a resolution

When you are faced with a challenge or problem, how you resolve it shows how mature you are as an event planner/employee/colleague.

The first step after making a mistake is admitting it. The next and more crucial step is finding a solution. Is there something we’ve overlooked? Can we fix it? Rather than blaming someone, spend your time and energy finding a solution, making it work and moving on – and, most importantly, learning from the mistake to avoid repeating it in the future.

Motivational speaker Steve Maraboli had a good quote about this:

“Don’t confuse poor decision making with destiny.
Own your mistakes. It’s okay; we all make them.
Learn from them so they can empower you!”