The ABC’s of RVE – M, N & O

February 18, 2015 ABC's of RVE

As Austin’s premier events planning company, Red Velvet Events knows what it takes to succeed in the industry. A big part of our success is about giving our clients what they want, to the letter! And that got us thinking about the ABCs of RVE and professional event management. This is the latest in a series of posts which we hope will spell out success in this business – from A to Z!

M is for Marketing.

A smart event planner never sees an event as simply a party. There’s always a marketing angle and a reason for the event. Maybe it’s to sell more. Maybe it’s to motivate employees to produce more. A successful planner will know exactly what the purpose of an event is and the best way to market it so that people remember it. Don’t be like the Super Bowl ads that entertain the viewer but if you asked the viewer later what the ad was about, they couldn’t tell you.

N is for “No.”

It can seem like such a negative word. But sometimes, “no” is the best way to go. Obviously, if you’re asked to do something unethical, say “no.” If an idea or a theme is not a good fit for your culture or the culture of your client, say “no.” When you recognize you are not the best partner for a client, it’s okay to say “no.” In the long-run, standing firm to your convictions will keep you on the path to success. (Click here to read more on when to say “no.”)

O is for Optimism.

Think about it—if you’re in the middle of an event and the client finds you frazzled, harried, downtrodden and depressed, what tone will that set for the event? You must always see the glass as half full! (If the glasses on the table at an event are literally half full, please—fill them up!) Even when everything’s going haywire, the client is upset, the audio is malfunctioning, a prop just fell, whatever the case—always remember it could be much worse! Never wallow in failure. Smile, pick yourself and go!

Next month, we continue the ABCs of RVE. Click here to review your lesson!