RVE Founder Cindy Lo begins new term on ADMEI Board Of Directors

Red Velvet Events, a Global DMC Partner is delighted to announce that company founder Cindy Lo has been appointed to the Board of Directors for ADMEI, the Association for Destination Management Executives International. Cindy will officially begin her two-year term on the board on February 14, 2015.

ADMEI is the global voice of the destination management industry, and a stellar resource for education, standards and practices within the DMC (Destination Management Company) industry and profession.

Cindy chose to accept the board position because “I’ve always been a big believer in giving back to our industry,” she said. “It’s important that we work closely to ensure the success of our industry for future generations. Working together, we can be more efficient and help one another.”

ADMEI represents more than 200 DMCs around the globe. “Meetings happen worldwide,” Cindy said. “A client can come to us and say, ‘Do you have a partner in South Africa’ and we can say yes.” ADMEI represents DMCs in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Russia, South Africa, China and many other countries.

Serving on the board, Cindy said, “I’ll be able to quickly communicate with other international DMC owners and help set standards in the industry that can further our reach. We all just want to give our best to our customers so why not re-purpose what you can from fellow ADMEI members in other markets.”

Learn more about ADMEI at http://admeinternational.org/.