Creative ways we recognize our employees for work well done

In the fast-paced, often hectic world of event planning, we know that part of remaining a strong team is recognizing our employees for their hard work and effort.

We want to make sure that the many times our staff goes the extra mile is recognized in a way that shows the whole team what a great job they’ve done. Taking on extra work, helping one another out on big projects, being willing to come in extra early or stay late to complete a project – these all deserve appreciation.

At Red Velvet Events, two of the ways we recognize our team members are with a little troll named Pockets and with a web site called

Pockets is a small plastic troll doll (yes, we said troll doll) with bright red hair. Each Monday, at the staff meeting, an RVE team member gives the doll to another employee to recognize them, and describes the recipient’s help and efforts during the previous week. Each person who receives the doll gives it another accessory (earrings, a skirt, a bow tie, etc.) and the following Monday, they present it to another person. This fun tradition was started through a recommendation of a fellow team member and we thought it would be a nice, quirky touch to our company culture. After all, you can never say thank you enough.

Another way we recognize one another is through a site called Inside the site, RVE has its own page where employees can reward points to each other, which can then be redeemed for gifts.

“It’s a way for staffers to thank each other,” explained Christa Holmans, executive administrator. “You can even give someone a high five.”

For example, after returning from a conference in October, Rachel Paisley, Director of Business Development, thanked four people, saying “Thank you all for your sales support this week while Cindy and I were at IMEX. The leads were flowin’ like crazy and you all really stepped up to make sure all was taken care of! We’re lucky to have a team like this!”

RVE Founder Cindy Lo said posting on the page “encourages team bonding and celebrating each other’s successes.”

At RVE, when one planner has a particularly large or complex event, other team members frequently pitch in to help pull it off.

“A lot of us have to help each other out,” Cindy explained. “It’s awesome when I see a teammate of theirs help advance a program or jump in because they have the extra bandwidth. Youearnedit makes it really easy to say thank you to all those that go the extra mile to help.”