Making people care: Telling a story at your event

What story is your event telling?

The best and most effective events share a story with their attendees. I thought about this after reading a great post on the Event Managers Blog, called “Brand Storytelling at Events.”

In the post, Holly Krenek writes, “The best brand stories have compelling elements. They make us think, feel, react, and remember why we chose to fall in love with a particular brand in the first place.”

She continues, “So, what makes a good story? When attending events, how do you ensure your brand is telling the most compelling story it can – and the right story?

Start with the basics and map out the goals you want your story to tell. Who is your target audience you’re trying to reach at a particular event – keep in mind audiences change from event to event, so your story should as well. The user experience should be personal – make the viewer care about the brand story or else it will not matter.”

If you run a nonprofit, your purpose might be sharing the success stories of the people your charity serves.

Or you might be telling the story of innovation and hard work at an event that recognizes your best employees.

Or perhaps you’re just aiming to build camaraderie and team spirit.

No matter what the purpose is, it’s critical to tell that story well and have people walk away compelled by that narrative. For us as event planners, it’s exciting and challenging to make people care.

I hope every event, every major production we touch has that story element.

Some event planners get fixated on the creative elements—but without purpose. At Red Velvet Events, we value our clients’ budgets, their attendees’ valuable time and their ultimate mission to what they consider a successful event. We know there’s a reason for your event, and we want people to leave the occasion knowing that reason.

As Holly wrote, “The goal of storytelling at events is to take attendees on a journey. There should be a clear beginning, middle and end to every story a brand tells.”

What story do you want to tell? Are you ready to have us help you tell that story? Contact our team today to experience the difference.