Seeing red in a good way: artwork spotlights what we love about Austin

A horn player and a violinist, making music together.
A couple relaxing with a glass of wine.
A football player going out for a pass.

These are some of the images artist Tracy K. Greene, the creative director of Red Velvet Events, used in her recent artwork for the first-ever Austin Canvas Auction Night.

Depicted in red, these scenes illustrate some of the elements we know and love about Austin. The canvas is meant to represent Red Velvet Events and its close ties to our beloved city.

“I wanted to make sure I was representing the multifaceted way we see and all the things we love about Austin – and then cover it all in red,” Tracy explained. “I decided to design nine windows to be a cross section of Austin, into the lives of different people and things – artists, musicians, tech, wildlife, dogs and football.”

After all, we’re one of the few cities in America where you can regularly see dogs at the workplace, and where people make sure their wedding dates don’t conflict with University of Texas football games. And you don’t want to hit that armadillo while you’re crossing the road.

Austin Canvas Auction Night featured art work from a variety of artists and graphic designers. The night was organized by AD2ATX (Ad 2 Austin), a group of advertising and marketing professionals.

The event, held November 20 at The Rattle Inn, raised money for a marketing campaign for Minis & Friends, a nonprofit which brings their mobile herd of trained miniature horses to visit and interact with people of all ages who may be suffering mentally, physically or emotionally. Minis & Friends’ unique programs help children with disabilities, at-risk youth, elderly adults and other groups. (Learn more about the group at

One of the most fun – and moving – parts of the event came from Minis & Friends. Two of the miniature horses were at the party.

“They had a couple minis there from Minis & Friends and they had one of the owners of the minis speak about how impactful their visits to children’s hospitals and nursing homes are,” Tracy said. “It was just so moving and sweet to hear about. I think it was a terrific and really creative event and I think the more people who know about it next year will just drive more art and more money to the cause – which I’m excited to see.”