Partnering is a Long-Term Strategy for RVE

At Red Velvet Events, we recognize our own strengths.

As a company, we excel in project management, detail and creativity.

We intentionally don’t have our own in-house DJ, florist or catering company. Instead, we partner with the best in each area, because we recognize each of our clients has different needs.

“RVE works with event partners, rather than expanding the company, to exceed client expectations,” said Cindy Lo, the founder of RVE. “Over the 12 years since our company began, we have realized that what we do best is event management.”

Working this way is more efficient and more effective, both for RVE and for our clients. Because of our limberness in being able to partner with different companies, we can really tailor each event and experience to the client’s preferences. As our client, you aren’t locked into one florist or caterer or even hotel just because we are exclusive to them.

At RVE, “our sweet spot is an extremely high level of project management and detail — and infusing it with company branding and creativity,” Cindy said.

Our in-house creative team

RVE has its own creative team, full-time members of our staff who are experts in design, illustration and graphic design.

“We are a service business,” Cindy said, “and we want to have the best creative ideas coming to the forefront. We still work with third parties and having an in-house team makes us even more valuable because we can speak the lingo with the third parties.”

Clients can choose whether to use RVE’s in-house creative team or the graphics design team of their choice.

RVE’s signature touch

What makes a RVE experience stand out is “the pre-planning experience, as well as the level of detail and thoroughness we apply to each client program,” Cindy said.

“When a client is desperately emailing or texting us beyond normal hours, our star performers are there responding to them because we genuinely care about the client’s success.”

RVE planners strive to absorb the company culture of their clients, “so we can emulate that culture and really be a true extension of their team,” Cindy said.

“We really do strive to give 200 percent.”