Happy Customers are the Key

As event planners, we are problem solvers.

I recently attended IMEX America 2014, a three-day conference in Las Vegas showcasing global advances in incentive travel, meetings and events. One of the things I was constantly reminded of, during the conference, is the importance of making the customer happy, of putting yourself in their shoes. For our clients, I’m always asking, what are your company’s goals? What are your program’s goals? When you are inviting hundreds of people to learn about your company’s products, we take care of the details so your product’s information can take the spotlight. Our goal is for your event to help your company achieve its aims.

Saying “Yes”

In our business, we know our buttons will constantly be pushed. When you go above and beyond, everyone knows your goal is to make the client successful.

If a client gives us a challenge, the easiest thing would be to say, “No, we can’t do it.” But the right thing to say is “Yes. Here’s how we can do it.” We can talk about the details, how it will affect the cost and the timing of the event.

Here’s an example. While I was in Las Vegas attending the IMEX conference, I received a new lead. If we were a “normal” company, I would have said, “I’m out of town and will touch base with you next week.” But they were ready to get their program going right away. I was able to pull in the right team and figure out what we needed to do to make it happen. We figured out dates and times and got the ball rolling. We responded to pressure with grace and NEVER blamed the client for last minute bookings. After all, I recognize that when I got into this business 12 years ago, I signed up for a lifetime of service.

What’s the one mantra you live by?