RVE Boot Camp: Learning Every Aspect of the Business

When new employees begin working at Red Velvet Events (RVE), the first thing they do is enter a three-week boot camp where they shadow other staff members and learn all the aspects of our business.

RVE has a long-standing reputation for our attention to detail and quality. With the boot camp, every new staff member has time to become integrated into our company culture. They visit event sites, sit in on meetings with new/existing clients, work registration at an event and learn the fast pace of our workplace. The idea is to experience every aspect of the business firsthand, and to get to know each of the other employees personally.

Finding The Right Person For The Job

At RVE, we don’t rush the hiring process. It’s our goal to find the right fit. We are looking for long-term hires, people who can stay at RVE for at least five years or even more really excites us! We invest in our employees and give them plenty of training. Our best employees understand the adrenaline rush of this business. From a technical and tactical perspective, they can learn a great deal here.

My husband, Scott Francis, the co-founder & CTO of BP3 Global, Inc., wrote a great piece for LinkedIn about doing the hard work that it takes to recruit and how it can pay off for your company.

Scott wrote: “We’ve found that in the long run, caring about the people you recruit, having an efficient and respectful interview process, and getting involved in colleges through internship programs have been great ways to invest in the community and in our business. But the most important part is caring for and believing in the potential of your people.”

We couldn’t agree more.

When you started a new job, what made you feel welcome at your new company? We’d love to hear your comments.