Let’s Get Inspired

“What inspires you?”

Here at Red Velvet Events, we get asked this question a lot – and we love answering it. For us, the creative process is a team effort, so we really enjoy talking about what inspires us every day, from our friends and families to the places we shop.

About a year ago, we wrote a blog post on some of our favorite sources of inspiration. The main thing that’s changed since then? The number of inspiration sources we have. That list just keeps growing!

Recently, we’ve become big fans of:

Unusual Color Combinations.

We love playing with colors that stand out and make a splash together. Since Pantone named Electric Orchid their Color of the Year, we’ve become especially interested in weaving that vibrant mauve into upcoming events’ décor. And, personally, we think Tiffany blue and bright red would make a fascinating duo!

In-Store Versus Online Advertising.

We love retail store displays, and we adore browsing in shops for ideas. Observing how stores use window displays to entice customers to come in and shop, especially when they could just buy the same product online, is particularly fascinating.


We always jump at the chance to travel, especially internationally. The new scenery, the food, the décor and especially the events can be a wonder to behold. The challenge, then, is to come home and try to recreate some of that magic.

We’re always on the lookout for new sources of inspiration. You can never have too many! What gets your creative juices flowing? Is there a store, magazine or website that’s inspired you a lot lately? Comment on this post and let us know!