Why Didn’t We Celebrate That?

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep up with what’s trending in the world of event planning. Web sites and blogs like ours, the Austin Insider Blog and BizBash strive to help you stay on top of the latest concepts and ideas. At the end of a year, you never want to be asking yourself or your marketing team, “Why didn’t we celebrate that?”

Some of you may be missing the perfect opportunities to host corporate branding or team-building events. And, it doesn’t always have to take a bite out of your budget.

Here are some (seldomly heralded) reasons to celebrate.

Employee Appreciation

Workers want to feel appreciated and celebrate their successes. A recent study found that many people don’t find gratitude in the workplace. Consider giving platforms like Austin-based YouEarnedIt a try! The online employee appreciation service lets workers express their gratitude for one another and gain rewards. It’s one surefire way to boost corporate morale!

Keeping Good Company

If your company does not host regular company-wide meetings, you’re missing a prime opportunity to shine. The bigger your corporation, the more involved this may be. Fortunately, it is one of the things professional events planners do best! Company meetings are typically one or two full days and can include motivational speakers, team-building exercises, hands-on training, as well as updates on the company’s long-term vision, new initiatives, hiring, new office space, etc. You’ll also want to reserve some time for pure fun, family involvement or volunteering at a non-profit.

Holiday Party Comeback

The recession forced lots of companies to cut their budgets. The economy is making a comeback, but company-wide holiday parties? Not so much. Think about reviving your end-of-year events. You’ll want to start planning now! Your revamped party can be smaller in scope. Or, you can host a company holiday lunch or dinner. (Click here to read why it’s never too early to start your holiday party planning.)

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