Spring Sprucing

April 16, 2014 Red Velvet Events

If you missed it, spring sprung last month.

And we here at RVE are certainly feeling the effects of a highly-infectious spring fever! If you’ve read any of our Event-ful Conversation posts introducing you to our hyper-detail-oriented team members, you’ll understand that there’s not a whole lot of actual company “cleaning” for us to do.

But sprucing! Well, that’s a whole other thing.

As part of our spring spruce ahead of this busy event season, you may notice some slight changes to our blog:

  • We’ll be putting out a brand new post every Wednesday afternoon!
  • Look for our Event-ful Conversations once a month. These revealing Q&As with our team members allow you to get to know the awesome, meticulous, hilarious, professionals at work behind RVE’s red curtain!
  • Look for Cindy’s Corner to appear once a month. These posts are written by our illustrious leader Cindy Lo and give you an expertly-informed insider’s look at the ever-evolving world of event planning and destination management from an owner’s viewpoint.
  • In other posts, RVE will continue to take you on virtual jaunts all around Austin and the globe, showcasing everything from the coolest event trends, the most innovative meeting and conference ideas, the Who’s Who of creative types in the industry – you name it!

We want to thank you for reading and sharing our weekly blog posts! And we invite you to follow and comment, retweet, like and share our blog with your friends on your social media spaces.

Let the sprucing begin!