My Word Is My Bond

“My word is my bond.”

A quick internet search resulted in tens of instances in which a movie character repeated this popular phrase—everyone from an animated Napolean Dynamite in “Ligertown” to Jesse Pinkman in “Breaking Bad.” It’s the motto of the London Stock Exchange (dictum meum pactum in Latin) and rappers tend to love this oath.

I love it, too.

Successful event planning is not a solo affair. It takes a strong, capable, dedicated team to continuously pull off the kind of seemingly impossible feats of creative genius we’re managing in today’s innovative, tech-driven industry. We depend on one another. We rely on one another. What we say to each other could make all the difference to our clients and the events we plan for them.

Much has been written about ethics in the event planning industry. (The International Special Events Society offers these principles of professional conduct and ethics.) I, myself, have some simple tenets I like to work by:

  • Honesty. Being totally sincere and truthful with team members as well as clients.
  • Integrity. Being wholly accountable for what you say and who you are as an event planner.
  • Respect. Showing appreciation for fellow team members and the work we love to do.

As an owner of a fast-growing event management company, I believe in my phenomenal team (take a moment to meet the folks who work hard every day to build this great RVE brand!) I’ve helped hand-pick some of the most competent and skilled event professionals. And to me, their word is everything. In return for that integrity, I strive to always be honest and direct with them and have my word be my bond.

I’d love to hear your take on ethics in the event planning industry. Share your thoughts in our comments section.