So You Want To Be An Event Planner

Are you one of the many people who wants to become a professional event planner? If so, you’re not alone. This profession is becoming more popular every day.

However, in addition to being very popular, event planning is also one of the more high-stress jobs out there, as this Wall Street Journal article states. According to the article, the only more high-stress jobs are military positions, firefighter and airline pilot!

Event coordinating may look like fun from a distance, but it’s definitely not for everyone. How do you know you’ve got what it takes to make it in this high-stress world?

Culture Fit.

Do you believe in working hard and playing hard? Are you willing to give your work hours (and there will be a lot of work hours) the same amount of passion and dedication that you give to your personal life?


Our clients place their biggest, make-or-break events in our hands, and we at Red Velvet Events never take that for granted. If we hadn’t been worthy of their trust, we wouldn’t have made it in business for 11 great years!

Knowing the Market.

Event planning is so much more than just pretty décor and fun parties. One of RVE’s great distinctions is our ability to understand our clients’ needs from their perspective: their corporate culture, their goals, their employees, and of course their budget. Austin may be growing, but it’s still a small town in a lot of ways, and we pride ourselves in being able to really understand what our clients want, and deliver it every time.


RVE is much, much more than a “party planner.” Our employees are professional event strategists skilled and well versed in working with clients to make their event experiences memorable – and to stretch their dollars, helping them get the best deals possible. This is why we’ve earned so many repeat clients over the year, and why our business continues to grow entirely on word-of-mouth recommendations.

Event planning is definitely not for everyone, but we love our jobs and wouldn’t want to do anything else.

Still think you want to become an event planner? If so, check out Cindy’s recent FAQ about how she rose to the top of this extremely competitive industry!